Storm destroying hut, Motivational stories for kids.

Motivational stories for kids

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Motivational stories for kids


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 Kids love to read stories. It is even better if these stories are motivating and inspiring. Because through these stories we can teach many things to young children. Right or wrong, through these stories we can give the knowledge of good and bad.  That’s why we have brought here small but inspiring motivational stories for young children.


The two friends

  Once upon a time, two friends were living in a village. Whatever work they get they used to do it for surviving. They had lots of faith in God, they worshiped God every day in the temple. One day in the villages, a storm came and torrential rain started. The two poor friends were living in a hut near the village. In the evening, both returned home and saw that their hut had been destroyed by the storm.
  Seeing this, the first friend became angry and said to God, “God, you are always wrong with me. I worship you all day long, but you broke my hut. Nothing happened to the houses of the thieves and robbers in the village. God, it is your justice to break the hut of poor people. We chant your name every day, but you do not love us.”
  On another side, another friend came there and danced happily seeing the broken hut and said, oh my God! I believe that you love us so much that you must have saved our half hut, otherwise my whole hut would have been blown away in such heavy rain that it is your grace We still have shelter to cover our heads.
 Surely this is the fruit of my worship and that is why I will worship you more from tomorrow because my faith in you has increased a lot. 

Moral of the story:-

  Friends, how different people from the same point of view, viewed the same event … Our thoughts determine our future. Our world changes only when our thoughts change. If your thoughts are like the first person in this story, then you will always lack something in everything, and if your thoughts are like the second person in this story, then you will realize that everything is definitely good. In the end, no matter how difficult the situation may be in your life, your thoughts should always be positive.

A little frog

  Many years ago there were a lot of frogs were living in a lake. In the middle of the lake was a metal pillar that was built by the king who built the lake. The pillar was very large and sticky. One day one frog decided that they should have a contest. Participating frogs had to climb a sticky metal pole in the middle of the lake, and the frog that climbed first was declared the winner.
  The day of the competition came, a lot of crowds gathered in all four directions. Lots of frogs came from all around. There was only one sound of competition in the area. The competition started …. but seeing the pole, no frog thought that any frog in the competition could climb on this pole ….. it was heard all around. “Hey, it’s so difficult” “How do you win this contest”.
  The frog who try to clime was saying “Oh, it’s so difficult.” “How  anyone can win this competition?” the were going up and down a little bit, a lot of frogs in the competition were doing it over and over again … but the only voice coming from the mouths of the frogs in the competition was, “It can’t happen, it’s impossible”,
  Many enthusiastic frogs in the competition tried to climb the pole but returned with frustration and gave up. But there was one small frog in the competition, who had hope that he can climb the pole if didn’t give up in middle, he slowly started climbing, and fall down again he rose and started climbing. He kept going up and down, but with the same hope, he climbed up and reached the top of the pole, and won the competition.
 The rest of the frogs were very surprised at his victory. All the frogs stood around the winning frog and asked, “How did you make this impossible task possible, even if you are very small from where you got the strength to achieve your goal? Please tell us how you got this victory.” He answered, ” I didn’t pay attention to your gossips, I was only thinking about my goal.”

Moral of the story:-

  Friends, always remember one thing, we have the ability to achieve our goals, but due to the negative environment around us, we try less than others and live life without fulfilling the big dream we have.
In fact, we need to be deaf to every voice that weakens us and blind to every other voice, and then see who can stop us from winning.

The boy and starfish

  Once, Mr. Rohan was taking a walk on the beach. The sun was shining and it had been a stunning day. Off within the space, he could see a boy going back and forth between the surf’s edge and thus the beach. As Mr. Rohan approached, he could see that there were many starfish stranded on the sand because of the result of the strong tide.
  Mr. Rohan said to the boy, “You are wasting your time. There are far too many starfishes. Many  of them are bound to die.” But that boy continued the task of picking up starfish one by one and throwing them back into the water.
Mr. Rohan said, “You must crazy, the whole beach is be covered with starfishes. It is impossible to save every starfish.” the boy looked at Mr. Rohan He then bend down and picked up another starfish and threw it back to the ocean.
He turned back to Mr. Rohan  and said, “Uncle, if I can save the life of even one starfish, it will be worth it!”

 Moral of the story:-

 Every effort counts.

A poor boy become Rich

  A poor boy was working in a shop to earn about two meals a day from the money he earns from his work. He makes four Rotis for him every day. One day he makes Rotis and goes out to wash his hands. When he came back, he noticed one roti is missing. For three-four days daily one roti was missing. Finally, he chased and caught the rat who was stealing his roti. He asked the rat, “Why are you stealing my rotis? I don’t have enough to eat.
 The rat said, “Oh! Why are you asking me questions? Gautam Buddha is sitting on a big hill, go to him and ask your questions and he will give you answers. The boy was so bored with his life so he heard the story of a rat, and decided to visit Buddha.
  He asked his master for five days off and he set out to ask Gautama Buddha for answers to his questions. The journey was very long. It was night, he had to stop for rest somewhere, he saw a house. He went to the house and asked if he can get shelter for the night.  The house lady was very generous,  she pitted the boy and offer him shelter. The lady in the house asked the boy why he was there. He told her all about it.
 Then the lady said, “If you are going there, ask one question from my side.” The boy nodded in agreement. The lady said, “My daughter is twenty years old but still has not spoken a word. I wonder when she will speak.” So she started crying. He couldn’t comfort her … He said yes he will ask….. It was morning and he left.
  On the way, it was evening and getting dark, he came near the mountain, he could not see the road. He saw a clown sitting under a tree, he begged the clown. “I can’t see the road through this mountain. Can you please guide me to cross the mountain?” When the clown asked him the reason for going there, he told him his story..the clown said, ok I will guide you to cross the mountain but I have a question, you have to ask Buddha, for me.
  I have been doing penance for twenty years, so I wonder when I will get salvation ….. Then the clown turned the magic wand and let him cross the mountain. As soon as he reached the flat road, he saw the big river. Now the question was how to cross the river. Then he saw a big tortoise. He asked the tortoise to help him cross the river on his back. The tortoise agreed to carry him but put one condition that the boy has to ask Gautam Buddha one question for him.  He wants to grow up big, so how he can do it. The boy agreed to ask then the tortoise carried the boy on his back and helped him crossed the river.
 Then finally the boy reached the big hills where Gautam Buddha was sitting. The boy narrated his story. Gautam Buddha said I can only answer three questions. You have to decide which ones more important.
  He has four questions but he will get answers only for three. The boy remembered the lady with tears in her eyes, the clown with twenty years of penance, the tortoise helping him crossing the river on his back. All the questions were important so which one to drop. Finally, he thought at least I have a job, I can manage any how, so I will drop my question and ask the other three. Buddha answered his first question about a lady is that her daughter will start to speak when she will get married. The second answer about the clown’s salvation. The clown will get salvation if he abandons his magic wand. The third answer about a tortoise it will grow big if he removes its outer shell. 
  The boy satisfied with the answers starts the journey to return. He went to the tortoise and told the answer. Tortoise immediately removed the outer shell and spilled a lot of pearls. The tortoise said, “Take all the pearls, what I will do with this pearl.” The tortoise grew bigger and left. He came to the clown and told him the answer. Immediately the clown handed the boy his magic wand and he got salvation.    
 Finally, the boy went to the lady and told her answer.  The lady was very impressed with the boy’s humble nature and decided to marry her daughter with him. After the marriage, the girl immediately started talking. Now the boy has everything big house with a lot of servants, a beautiful wife, a magic wand and lots of wealth.

 Moral of the story:- 

 He who thinks of the happiness of others before himself is definitely happy. The value of inner happiness cannot be measured in any amount more than the happiness of money. There is only one mantra to always be happy. Think of the happiness of others before the happiness of ourselves. Happiness will automatically come to you.

Life is precious

    A famous speaker started his seminar by showing an Rs. 2000 note in his hand.
 He asked hundreds of people sitting in the hall, “Who wants this 2000 rupees note?” 
 Many people in the hall raised their hands. He said, “I will give this note to only one person in this hall, but let me do this first.” And he crushed the note and said, “Who wants this note now?” But the people in the hall raised their hands. 
 He began to tread on the note, and when he picked it up, it was crushed and crumpled.
Even though the speaker said who still wants this note, the people in the hall raised their hands again. 
 Friends, today you have learned a very important lesson. Because even though I have done a lot with this note, you still want this note because this note is still worth Rs. 2000.
  Many times in life we ​​fall, lose, many times the decisions we make take us to the ground. So you start to feel like you have no value. But no matter how bad things happen to you in life or in the future, your value does not diminish. Never forget that you are very precious.

Moral of the story:-

 Remember one thing, Don’t spoil the future by thinking about what happened in the past. Because you have something very precious and that is your precious life. Live it with joy and happiness.
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