Man walking on road in jungle, Moral stories for kids.

Moral stories for kids

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Moral stories for kids

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  There was a time when storybooks were the sole means of entertainment for kids and youngsters. However, times have changed now. With the age of the web, kids spend most of their time playing games on smartphones or watching cartoons or videos on YouTube. Smartphones have been associated with everything from rising levels of anxiety and depression among kids to damaging interpersonal relationships. If you want your kids to keep away from smartphones and train their brains to think positively, differentiate between good and bad. Molding their personality as good human beings. Teach them to read good books, deep reading help readers to go beyond the page, beyond the text, setting off thoughtful associations in the mind. Proper reading is indistinguishable from thinking. Thinking expands the mind. The brain is infinitely moldable and reading is an important part of shaping brain connections and expanding the ways we think. Starting with Moral stories is the best way. Read short stories to them, by narrating inspirational stories to your kids, you’ll impart wisdom to them and also spend much-needed quality time with them. Once they like it, they will love the books and start reading them.
  We have a set of some popular short stories with moral values that you can simply read to your kids.

Arrogant wind

 Once upon a time. Sun and wind were good friends, sun was the calm and quiet type, in the opposite wind was short-tempered and arrogant. One day suddenly wind started arguing with the sun that he is the most powerful. Sun smilingly listen to him and said yes my friend you are most powerful. But the wind thought he his mocking him. he didn’t accept his answer and said,  I am very powerful. If I decide I can shake everyone. No one can survive his wrath. But to be fair we will have to test each other’s powers to decide the powerful winner.
  Their eyes fell on one person. The man was walking on the road with a shawl wrapped over his body.
 Suddenly a thought came to the mind of Sun. He smiled and said, “Now we can find a solution to who is more powerful among us.” How?  Wind asked. Sun said, Look at that person. He has worn a shawl. Whoever of us can get a shawl off this person’s body will be more powerful, do you agree to this test?.”
 Wind thought its a very easy test, he accepted this proposal but he put a condition in front of the sun that, he would try to remove the shawl first. Sun accepted his word with pleasure. Then the wind started flowing slowly, he was hopeful that the person would take off the shawl and enjoy the cool air. But this did not happen. The person kept the shawl as before.
 Seeing his first attempt fail, the wind became angry and flowed with extreme fury. When the person saw this, he holds the shawl very tightly and covered him. The wind failed in his second attempt also.
 Now it was the turn of the sun. At first, he started shining calmly. After such a strong wind, the person was relieved by the heat of the light rays of the sun, then he loosened his grip on the shawl. Then slowly the sun started increasing its heat. The person started feeling hot. As a result, the person removed the shawl from his body.
 Seeing this, the wind was ashamed and he accepted that the power of the sun is greater than his own.
 Thus, the power of the wind and the sun were tested. The pride and arrogant wind was crushed.

Moral Of story: –  Ego is always defeated. 

Smart Young Man

  An elderly couple lived a short distance from the city. It was a very peaceful city where they lived, so there were very few people coming and going. One day the couple saw a young man going somewhere on his bicycle with a shovel in his hand, he was seen by the couple for a while, then disappeared. The couple ignored this. But the next day the same man was seen by the couple again going in the same manner. The couple saw him now, as usual, the man was seen carrying a shovel in his hand every day and disappeared again.
The couple saw him every day, so they become curious they thought maybe this man involved in some illegal activity. So they decided to expose him. The next day the man was seen walking towards the couple and the couple chased him by their car. After a while, the young man parked his bicycle against a tree and started walking towards barren land.
The couple was surprised to see this. They asked the young man “what are you doing in this barren land?”
 The young man replied, “I want to go to a farmer for work in two days, and they want a man who has experience in farming. As I don’t have any experience in farming, so I have been working in this barren land from last week, to get experience in farming and prepare myself to be able to work on the farm. The couple was very happy to hear this and they blessed the young man.
Friends, remember! If you want to succeed in any endeavor, you need to be prepared. Just as a young person prepares himself by working on an empty farm to get experience, to work honestly in the field. So everyone should prepare themselves to succeed in their particular field.

Moral of the story:- Good Preparation before doing any task is key to success.

If you help others God will help you

 One day, Soham went for a walk on the beach. He saw a ship full of passengers hit a rock and capsized in the sea. The ship went underwater and all the people on board fell into the sea.
As they did not know how to swim, they drowned. Soham watched all this from the shore but could not do anything to help the people.
 In the evening, he narrated the sad event of the ship’s drowning to his friends. Everyone felt sorry. Soham said, “God’s justice is not fair. To kill one sinner onboard the ship, he killed so many other innocent people.”
 As he was saying this, he felt a pinch on his feet. He looked down. A red ant was biting his toe. Many other red ants were near his feet. In anger, he started stamping his feet to crush the red ants.
His friend said to Him, ” Soham look, how you are killing other innocent ants instead to kill the one which bit you. And you were blaming God for your unjust act. Instead of helping the drowning people, you are blaming God.” Soham felt ashamed as he realized his mistake.

Moral of the story:- Look at your own actions before blaming others.

The monk and boy

  A rich man was upset because of his son’s bad habits. But when the rich man tells his son to give up that bad habit, the boy says I am still young and gradually I will give up these habits. But the boy never tried to break the habits.
 One day a great monk came to the village, when the rich man understood the fame of that great monk, he went to the monk and told him his problem. The monk heard the rich man’s problem and asked the rich man to come to the garden the next morning with his son. The next morning the father and son arrived in the garden.
 The monk called the boy closer and said let’s walk the garden again. They both left. While walking in the garden, the monk suddenly stopped and said to the boy, “Can you uproot this small tree?” The boy tried and easily uprooted the tree.
 Going a little further, the monk pointed to a tree a little bigger than the first one and said, “Can you uproot this tree too?” This time he had to work a little harder but he uprooted the tree.
 The monk and the boy went ahead, but now the monk asked the boy to uproot the big tree. The boy grabbed the trunk of the tree and began to shake it, but the tree did not move. He tried hard but the tree did not move. In the end, he said it was too strong and impossible to pull off.
 The monk took the boy close and lovingly explained that bad habits are just like that. It is very easy to give up when they are in an early stage, but it is impossible for the mind to give up as they get older.
The boy understood what the monk told the boy, the boy was smart he decided in his mind that from today I will give up all bad habits.

Moral of the story:- Your habits shape your character, so uproot them at an early stage.

The huge mountain and squirrel

 One day a squirrel was happily playing near a mountain. When the mountain looked at her, he thought in his mind, ‘The small body of this squirrel is of no use, yet how is it so happy?’  The mountain called the squirrel and said, “How young you are! you don’t do any useful work. Don’t you feel inferior in your smallness?  you do not have any existence in front of me.”
  The squirrel was surprised to hear the words of the mountain. Still, she politely said,” You are right to say that I am not very big like you. But What is the harm in this? I am very satisfied with my size. I have the ability to do all my work alone. So I never feel inferior about my small body. I am like, I am good and then not everyone is as big as you. Everyone has their own shape-type. “
The mountain proudly said, “Hey! Big size has many benefits. I can stop flying clouds in the sky, make them rain and you can only see them from far away. Say, you can get it done. You can make them rain! ” The squirrel said, “No brother! I can’t do this. Only you can, but there are many things that you can not do and I can do. “The mountain got surprised by this answer and asked,” Good! Please tell. What actions are there, that I can not do, “the squirrel said,” sir, don’t mind. Can you break the nut like me, can you play like me, I can come here and there now. Day and night, I keep whipping from one tree to another. Have fun all day Wherever I feel like going I eat what I want. But you can’t even move from your place. Isn’t it! “Then she further said,” Sorry, I don’t want to embarrass you. I respect you very much. I like your huge form, so do not mind my words, I am just answering your words. Always remember that nature has given some special quality to everyone. So we should not boast of them. “
 Hearing this, the head of the mountain bowed with shame. Till today he was very proud of his size, but today one small squirrel defeated him with her wit.

Moral of the story:-  Everybody is unique and special in their own way. 

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