International Day of Girl Child

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Girl child day quotes

 International Day of the Girl Child is a very special day for girls in many countries where a girl child is considered inferior to a boy. Nowadays, where women are walking with men in every field, touching the success of success, on the other hand, even today, in many homes, daughters are killed before they were born. Strict laws have been enacted by the government to curb female feticide, despite this, the process of female feticide continues unabated. International Day of the Girl Child is celebrated on 11 October every year with the aim of bringing worldwide awareness about gender inequality and the protection of the rights of girls. This day is also known as Girl’s Day or International Day of Girl child.



Sketch of mother and daughter, Girl child day quotes.


 The matter is small. But it is deep. To keep the life cycle of the world alive, not only must we work to stop the feticide of the girl child, but we should also think seriously about the fundamental rights of the girl child.

International Day of Girl Child Wishes:

  • “A baby girl is one of the most beautiful miracles in life, one of the greatest joys we can ever know, and one of the reasons why there is a little extra sunshine, laughter, and happiness in your world today. Happy International Day of Girl Child!”
  • “A mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter. once you kill one girl child, you kill the whole generation.” Save the Girl Child!”
  • “May this world become a safer and happier place for the girl children to live happily. Warm wishes on International Girl Child Day.”
  • “Angels are often disguised as daughters”
  • “If you are gifted with a girl child then surely God loves you the most because she is a son who will stand with you always and also a daughter who will take care of you.”
  • “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom. Give it to your daughter. To fly high in the open sky… Happy International Day of Girl Child!”
  • “Today I really want to thank you to God for giving me an adorable lovely daughter  in this world.” Happy International Day of Girl Child dear!!”
  • “The Girl Child has a  precious flower that doesn’t bloom in every garden. So, protect her and give lots of love and respect her.”

Girl child day quotes:

  • “The Day You Came to Our Life Is the Most Auspicious Moment of Our Life. You Made Us a Good Father and Mother, You Helped Us to Become Mature, You Are the Precious Gift We Could Ever Get. Happy International Day of Girl Child to my dear daughter!!”
  • “We want a mother, we want a wife, we want a sister ~~~~ Then why we don’t want a girl child? Save the Girl Child. Happy International Day Of Girl Child!”
  • “Do not make the daughter like “moon” that everyone can see staring … rather make the daughter like ‘Sun’ so that everyone’s eyes are bowed before staring! Happy International Day of Girl Child!!”
  • “All my life’s problems have just one simple solution, a hug from my daughter.”
  • “Girls are capable of doing everything men are capable of doing. Sometimes they have more imagination than men.” ~ Catherine Johnson
  • “We must teach our girls that if they speak their mind, they can create the world they want to see.” ~Robyn Silverman
  • “The Girl Child has a  precious flower that doesn’t bloom in every garden. So, protect her and give lots of love and respect her.”


  • “On the Auspicious Occasion of International Girl Child Day, allow us to Promise Ourselves to Always Work towards the security and Development of Girl Child. Happy International Day Of Girl Child!!”

Parents playing with daughters on beach, Girl child day quotes.



  • “Education is the best ornament, give it to your daughter no one can steal it from her.”

Women Empowerment Quotes:


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  • “The rest of the fingers on my hand get jealous when they see the finger that grabs my daughter is walking.”
  • “To my daughter If I could offer you only one thing in life. I would offer you the power to ascertain yourself through my eyes. Only then would you see how very special you’re to me. Happy International Day of Girl Child dear!!”
  • “An Educated Woman Has the Power to Educate the Whole Family. Empower the Girl Child! Happy National Girl Child Day!”
  • “To my dearest daughter, you’re loved for the small girl you were, The special woman you’re now, and therefore the wonderful daughter you’ll always be. Happy international day of Girl Child dear!!”
  • “One of the best Gifts Parents Can Have maybe a Girl Child, and if you’ve got One Then you’re Truly Blessed. Happy International Day of Girl Child!”
  • “No Matter How Long You attend Achieve Your Dreams, I’ll Always Be Right Here, Standing With You to Encourage My Dear Daughter. Happy International Day of Girl Child!”

Girl Child day Messages:


Girl image with flower in hand, Girl child day quotes.


  • “Save and respect girl child, as she is that the way forward for your family and society. Wishing everyone a cheerful Girl Child Day.”
  • “Feminism is not about women’s power. It is about equal power.” ~ Whitney Wolfe Herd
  • “A girl child may be a pride and therefore the way forward for the state. Empowering your girl child means empowering your future.”
  • “Daughters are the valuable gifts. Let’s create an environment of affection, peace, and equality for them. Happy Girl Child day!!”
  • “Without a woman Child in Your Family, you can’t Have Prosperity, Happiness, and Glory, Always Respect Her and look after Her.”
  • “To my beloved daughter, I didn’t offer you the gift of life, Rather you gave me the gift of you. Happy International Day of Girl Child my little Girl!!”
  •  “I can’t feel bad about being who I am, just like the girl next to me can’t feel bad about being who she is. Because a rose can never be a sunflower, and a sunflower can never be a rose.” ~Miranda Kerr

Stop feticide – Save girl child:

  • “The world needs strong women. Who will lift and build others, who will love and be loved. Women who live bravely, both tender and fierce. Women of indomitable will.” ~Amy Tenney
  • “It is said that not everyone understands the importance of a girl child but those who do know that they are the choicest blessings of God.”
  • “Don’t think they are inferior because, in reality, they are superior…. Happy International Day of the Girls Child.”
  • “Achieving gender equality requires the engagement of women and men, girls and boys. It is everyone’s responsibility.” ~Ban- ki-Moon
  • “I’m trying to show everybody that I’m a girl, and I’m five foot four, and I can do anything I want, no matter my gender. It’s my world, too!” ~Billie Eilish
  • “We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational, and so disciplined they can be free.” ~ Kavita Ramdas

Girl Child Day wishes in Hindi:

फूलों में खुशबू न होती।
सूरज में रोशनी न होती।
 जरा सोचो यारों, हमारी दुनियां यू आबाद न होती।
गर, किसिकी बेटी हमारी मॉऺ न होती।
क्यों बेटी के पैदा होने पर
अफसोस किया जाता हैं।
क्यों बार बार लड़की होने का
एहसास दिलाया जाता हैं।
बेटी की शादी के लिए
धन जमा करते करते
बाप खून के आंसू  रोता हैं।
फिर भी क्यों, बेटी के बाप
होने का अहसास दिलाया जाता हैं।
दहेज़ में क्या क्या लाई हैं,
बस यही देखा जाता हैं।
क्या क्या पीछे छोड़ आयी हैं,
 ये क्यों नहीं पूंछा जाता हैं।
सिर्फ बात बात पर ताने देना
बात बात पर मॉऺ बाप को कोसा जाता हैं।
शायद…. इसी लिए
इंसान बेटी नहीं चाहता है।
बेटी नहीं चाहता है…..
जीवन का हर दिन ही खास है,
जब मेरी बेटी मेरे साथ है।
Happy Girl Child day कहना तो बनता है।
आज आया यह मौका खास हैं।
कहते हैं,बेटे भाग्य से होते है।
लेकिन बेटियाँ सौभाग्य से होती हैं।
   Happy International day of Girl Child to you!!
जिस घर में होता हैं बेटी का सम्मान,
वह घर होता हैं स्वर्ग समान।
आप सभी को अंतरराष्ट्रीय बालिका दिवस की शुभकामनाएं।
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