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150+ Rakhi (Raksha Bandhan) Messages, Wishes, Quotes for Brother and Sister


  Happy Raksha bandhan quotes to celebrate the divine bond between brother and sister. This festival is dedicated to the love of brothers and sisters. The Sister ties a rakhi on the brother’s wrist. It is believed that she will always care for her brother and her brother vows that he will protect his sister forever.
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Raksha Bandhan wishes for Brother:

  • “Many people think what small Rakhi can do? But that same rakhi boosts the meaning of my life. Happy Raksha Bandhan”


  • “A very big thank you for being my companion, my protector, and being equally weird with me. You are the best brother in this world. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
  • “I may search the world over; there could not be a better brother than you. Happy Raksha Bandhan Bhaiya!”


  • “No matter where we are in the world, I know I have a brother looking out for me. You are my superhero when I need you. Wish you the happiest Raksha Bandhan ever.”
  • “My darling brother, I know I fight with you a lot, but today, on an auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan, I just want to tell you that you are my world, and being your sister is an honor to me. Happy Rakhi to my sweet bro!”


  • “I feel very blessed to have such a caring and loving brother like you. Thanks for always being there for me. Wishing you a very blissful Raksha Bandhan!!”


Golden rakhi with red ruby, Raksha Bandhan Quotes | Happy Rakhi.


  • “No matter the distance between us, my Rakhi will always reach on time, to be tied on the wrist of my loving brother with the heartwarming wishes for joy and happiness to illuminate your life.”


  • “Dear Brother, on this Raksha Bandhan I wish to say that you are the best brother, and you mean to me the whole world. Happy Raksha Bandhan.”


  • “Sending you a thread of affection which can bind our heart and life, it makes our bond of togetherness stronger. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”


  • “In every phase of my life, you have always supported and loved me. This Raksha Bandhan, I promise to do the same for you and will always stand by your side no matter what. Happy Rakhi my dearest brother!!”

Raksha Bandhan wishes for Young Brother

  • “This Raksha Bandhan, I pray to God to offer my handsome brother healthiness, a long life, a world of happiness, positivity, peace, and all the good things he desires for. Happy Raksha Bandhan to my lovely brother!”
  • “On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, I commit to my sweet brother that I will always protect you as I’m ur Di”
  • “There is one thing that I know that till the time you are there with me, I have nothing to fear in life… Happy Raksha Bandhan to the best brother in this world.”
  • “There is no other festival for which I am as excited as I am for Raksha Bandhan because it celebrates the beautiful bond we share.”
  • “I know I am never alone because I have a brother showering his love on me and taking care of me the most special way…. Happy Raksha Bandhan to you.”


  • “You have always been my best friend, holding my hand, ensuring the road I traveled on freed from obstacles.”
Pearl Rakhi with red thread, Raksha Bandhan Quotes | Happy Rakhi.


  • “Thanks for always being my pillar of strength. I’m very blessed to have a sweet brother like you. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”


  • “You have always been my best friend, holding my hand, ensuring the road I traveled on freed from obstacles.”


Raksha bandhan quotes with rakhi image.


  • “You are a fortunate boy because you have a sister like me. !! Happy Raksha Bandhan !!”


  • “No one can love, respect, tease, protect, and understand me as you do my good-looking brother. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”


Best Raksha Bandhan wishes for Sister:

  • “One thing I never forget to pray to God is – to protect my sweet sister from all the evil and give her the world of happiness!! Happy Raksha Bandhan!


  • “It’s a promise of your brother that no matter what, I will always support and love you. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”



Rakhi with name bhai written on it, Raksha Bandhan Quotes | Happy Rakhi


  • “Hey, sister!! I may be younger than you, but I am strong enough to protect you from any evil. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”


  • “I didn’t like to wear rakhi when I was a child. Now that you are away  I don’t like my empty wrists. I miss you, my dear sister. Come soon. Happy Raksha Bandhan!!”
  • “One thing I always remember to wish to God is – to guard my sweet sister against all the evil and provide her with a planet of happiness. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”


  • “Rakhi is a symbol of love, Rakhi is the belief of love, the belief that brother will always be there for your protection. And trust me, I am always there for you my sweet sister. Happy Raksha Bandhan!!”

Happy Rakhi wishes with beautiful images:

  • “Happy Rakhi to my amazing brother who has filled my life with laughter, love, and unforgettable memories. You are not just my sibling; you are my best friend forever.”🌟😊


Rakhi with pearl, Raksha Bandhan Quotes | Happy Rakhi.


  • “To my dear brother, on this special day, I want to let you know that you hold a special place in my heart, and I am grateful for the love and affection you shower upon me.”💕🙏
  • “To my wonderful brother, I wish you all the happiness, success, and prosperity in the world. May this Rakhi strengthen the bond we share and bring us even closer.” 🌈🤗
  • “To the most caring and understanding brother, I wish you a life filled with happiness, prosperity, and fulfillment. May this Rakhi bring you all the love and blessings you deserve.” 🌺🎉


Mirror image of two rakhis on greeting card, Raksha Bandhan Quotes | Happy Rakhi.


  • “I am glad to receive the most precious gift from God that is you sister!! Loads of love & Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
My dear sister
I don’t know how
Life will take a turn
But I promise you
The place you hold in my heart
No one can take that place.
Happy Raksha Bandhan dear sister!

Happy Raksha Bandhan:

  • “You are the best gift that I received from my parents. Love you so much,  brother! Happy Raksha Bandhan!”


Rakhi with bro written and rice with kumkum, Raksha Bandhan Quotes | Happy Rakhi


  • “Happy Raksha Bandhan to the cutest and most loving little brother in the universe! You’re adorable.”
  • “Sending you a thread of love which will bind our heart and life and make our bond of togetherness stronger. Happy Raksha Bandhan! Wishing you a very Happy Raksha Bandhan!!”


  • “When you tie Rakhi on my wrist and every time I see it, this reminds me of all the lovely memories we had together. Happy Raksha Bandhan dear sister!”


  • “There is the only sister who loves like a mother because she is the one who understands and pampers little brother, in life …  Sister if you ever need me. I will always be present in front of you. Happy Raksha Bandhan!!”


Rakhi background image, Raksha Bandhan Quotes | Happy Rakhi.


  • “I have lots of friends in my life
    But no one is close to me as close are you
    No one supports me as much as you do
    I am very grateful to have you as my sister!
    Happy Raksha Bandhan to you!”


Rakhi with gift,kumkum,rice in background with wishes, Raksha Bandhan Quotes | Happy Rakhi.


  • “You are the most
    Precious jewel,
    In my treasure box.
    I am very lucky,
    To have you as a brother.”
    Happy Raksha Bandhan to You!

Raksha Bandhan in Hindi:

  • “कभी हमसे लड़ती है, कभी हमसे झगड़ती है, लेकिन बिना कहे हमारी हर बात को समझने का हुनर भी बहन ही रखती है
    होली Colorful होती है , दिवाली light full होती है और राखी है जो Powerful Relationship होती है..।”
  • “राखी कर देती है, सारे गिले-शिकवे दूर …इतनी ताकतवर होती है कच्चे धागों की पावन डोर
    याद है हमारा वो बचपन , वो लड़ना – झगड़ना और वो मना लेना, यही होता है भाई – बहन का प्यार,
    मुबारक हो आपको रक्षाबंधन का त्योहार।”
  • ” राखी भाई बहन के प्यार का प्रतीक है, एक बहन का भाई पर विश्वास का प्रतीक  है, विश्वास रखना आपकी सुरक्षा के लिए हमेशा हाज़िर रहूंगा। रक्षाबंधन की शुभकामनाएं!!”
  • “बड़ी बहन हो  तुम मेरी … छोटा भाई मैं हूँ तुम्हारा …तुमने हमेशा मेरी रक्षा की .. अब मुझे तुम्हारी सुरक्षा है करना। रक्षाबंधन की शुभकामनाएं!”
“ओ, मेरी प्यारी बहना।
बस इतना है कहना।
तेरे होने से,महक उठा है।
 मेरा जिवन और अंगना।
Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
  • “मेरे भाई जैसा ना हैं ना होगा कोई दूजा,
    मैं आरती उतार के करू तेरी पूजा.
    मन करे है भैया मैं उड़ के पास तेरे आ जाऊ
    लेकर बलैया मैं तुझपे वारि वारि जाऊं
    Happy Raksha Bandhan!”


  • “लाल गुलाबी राखी से रंग रहा संसार,
    सूरज की किरणे खुशियों की बहार,
    चांद की चांदनी अपनों का प्यार,
    मुबारक हो आपको राखी का त्योहार।”
    Happy Raksha Bandhan!


Three hanging Rakhis, Raksha Bandhan Quotes | Happy Rakhi.


  • “चंदन की लकड़ी फूलों का हार
    अगस्त का महीना सावन की फुहार
    भैया की कलाई बहन का प्यार
    मुबारक हो आपको रक्षाबंधन का त्योहार
    Happy Raksha Bandhan!”

Raksha Bandhan Wishes:



Two rakhis with colourful stone and orange thread, Raksha Bandhan Quotes | Happy Rakhi.


“फूलों की खुशबू से चमन महेकता रहेगा
राखी की डोर सा हमारा रिश्ता मजबूत रहेगा
प्यारी बहन, जब भी याद करोगी
तुमरा भैय्या तुमारी खिदमत में हाज़िर रहेगा।
रक्षाबंधन की शुभकामनाएं!”
“फूलों का तारों का सब का कहना है।
एक हजारों में मेरा, भैय्या है।
रक्षाबंधन की शुभकामनाएं!!”
  • “दूर रहने से भाई-बहन का प्यार कभी कम नहीं होगा
    याद ना करूँ आपको दी, ऐसा कोई मौसम नहीं होगा
    ये रिश्ता वो है, जो उम्र भर महकता रहेगा
    हाथ गर सर पर हो आपका तो मुश्किलों में भी गम ना होगा
    हैप्पी रक्षा-बंधन दीदी!”
  • “गलियाँ फूलों से सज़ा रखी हैं ,
    हर मोड़ पर लड़कियाँ बिठा रखी हैं
    पता नहीं तुम कहाँ से आ जाओ
    इसलिए सबके हाथ में राखी थमा रखी है।”
  • “राखी का त्यौहार था
    राखी बंधवाने को भाई भी तैयार था
    भाई बोला बहना मेरी अब तो राखी बाँध दो ,
    बहना बोली “कलाई पीछे करो, पहले रुपये हज़ार दो!”
  • उसका हुस्न गया कलेजा चीर ,
    नयनों से छूटा एक तीर ,
    वो मुस्कराई , नज़दीक आई , और
    बोली ” राखी बन्धवाले मेरे वीर “

Raksha bandhan in Marathi:

  • “रेशमी धाग्यत रंग आहे प्रेमाचा
    वात्सल्य, आपुलकी, जिव्हाळ्याचा..
    दादा तू नेहमी आनंदात रहा
    यशाचे शिखर गाठत रहा हीच इच्छा…
    राखी पौर्णिमेच्या शुभेच्छा!”
  • “दृढ बंध हा राखीचा,
    दोन मनांचं अतूट एक बंधन आहे……
    हळव्या नात्यांच्या धाग्यावर उमलनारं,
    अलवार स्पंदन आहे…..
    रक्षाबंधनाच्या शुभेच्छा!”
  • “रक्षणाचे वचन, प्रेमाचे बंधन
    घेऊन आला हा श्रावण
    लाख लाख शुभेच्छा तुला
    आज आहे बहिण – भावाचा पवित्र सण
    रक्षाबंधनाच्या शुभेच्छा!”
  • “बंध हा प्रेमाचा, नाव जयाचे राखी,
    बांधिते भाऊराया आज तुझ्या हाती….
    औक्षिते प्रेमाने, उजळूनी दीपज्योती…..
    रक्षावे मज सदैव, अन अशीच फुलावी प्रीती….
    बंधन असूनही, बंधन हे थोडेच,
    या तर हळव्या रेशीमगाठी…….
    रक्षाबंधनाच्या खूप खूप शुभेच्छा!”


Rakhi with red thread, rice and kumkum in bowl, Raksha Bandhan Quotes | Happy Rakhi.


  • “कुठल्याच नात्यात नसेल
    एवढी ओढ आहे,
    म्हणूनच भाऊ बहिणीचं हे नातं,
    खूप खूप गोड आहे…
    रक्षाबंधनाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!”
  • “राखीचे नाते लाखमोलाचे
    बंधन आहे बहीण भावाचे
    नुसता धागा नाही त्यात
    भाबड्या बहिणीचे प्रेम आहे त्यात
    भावाच्या वचनाची शपथ आहे त्यात
    रक्षाबंधनाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!”

Rakhi Wishes for Brother:

  • “रक्षाबंधनाच्या अगनित शुभेच्छा
    बहीण आणि भावाचे नाते हे सगळ्यात
    प्रेमळ असे नाते असते ,त्यात प्रेम पण खूप
    असते कधी भाडंण होते तर कधी खूप
    आठवण येते असे हे नाते असते …”
  • “बंध हा प्रेमाचा, नाव ज्याचे राखी,
    बांधीते भाऊराया आज तुझ्या हाती,
    औक्षिते प्रेमाने, उजळुनी दीप ज्योती,
    रक्षावे मज सदैव, आणि अशीच फुलावी प्रीती,
    बंध असूनही, बंधन हे थोडेच,
    या तर हळव्या रेशीम गाठी…”


Gifts with rakhi background image, Raksha Bandhan Quotes | Happy Rakhi.


  • “थोडी लढणारी थोडी भांडणारी
    थोडी चिडणारी थोडी काळजी घेणारी
    मस्ती करणारी एक बहीण असते
    तीच तर राखी पौर्णिमेची खरी शान असते…
    रक्षाबंधनाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!”
  • “आईपेक्षाही जास्त प्रेम करणारी फक्त ताई असते,
    कारण तीच सगळे समजून घेऊन लाड पुरवत असते,
    आयुष्यात कधीही लागली ताई तुला माझी गरज..
    समोर नेहमीच मी असेन हजर
    रक्षाबंधनाच्या शुभेच्छा!”
  • “नातं हे प्रेमाचं नितळ आणि निखळ,
    मी सदैव जपलंय…
    हरवलेले ते गोड दिवस, त्यांच्या मधुर आठवणी….
    आज सारं सारं आठवले….
    हातातल्या राखी सोबतच, भाव मनी दाटले…
    बंध हे प्रेमाचे नाते आहे…
    ताई तुझ आणि माझ नातं जन्मोजन्माचे आहे..”
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