Sunday quotes with beautiful pink flowers.

Sunday Inspirational Quotes

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60+ Beautiful Sunday Quotes and wishes with images


Sunday Inspirational Quotes: Prayer and blessings are the highest forms of love. To pray for someone means to deeply care for them. Take a look at our best collection of Sunday quotes you can use to pray and send blessings to those you love.


Happy sunday pink daisy wallpaper.


Quotes about Sunday:


“May your Sunday be blessed with Love, Joy, Peace, and Happiness.”


Sunday quotes with beautiful pink flowers.


“Sending my warmest wishes to you this Sunday morning. May you have a great week ahead.”


“Smile more than you cry, give more than you take, and love more than you hate. Happy Sunday!”


Sunday wishes with pink daisy flowers.


“Happy and blessed Sunday. May you enjoy the blessings and favor of God today. Enjoy the beauty that this day brings.”


“Each morning you wake be thankful, grateful, and appreciate who you are, you have life, you’re blessed and you’re beautiful. Happy Sunday!”



Sunday message on nature background.


“Happy Sunday Morning! May the sun shine brightly on you this Sunday and fill you with blessings!”


“Happy Sunday! May this Sunday bring all the good things into your life. May you have a fantastic week ahead.”


Sunday image with beautiful tea pot.


“Sending you my warmest greetings for Sunday, dear. Have a great day!”


“May God hear all your prayers and grant them all! Wishing you a very happy Sunday!”


Good Morning Sunday with Blue flowers background.
Good Morning Sunday with Blue flowers background.


“Good Morning and Happy Sunday! May the freshness of Sunday morning erase your worries and calm your mind. Have a beautiful Sunday!”


Sunday Inspirational Quotes:


Sunday blessings on daisy flower wallpaper.


“Sundays are awesome because they give us a chance to refuel our exhausted souls with new hopes and new dreams for a new week! Happy Sunday!”


“Every Sunday is a gift that comes in a colorful wrapping paper called Sunday morning. Prepare yourself to be enchanted by the blessings of the day. Good morning!”


Sunday blessing wallpaper.


“Sundays are days when we get rid of all our stress and devote ourselves to God. May this wonderful day bless you and your loved ones with bliss! Happy Sunday!”


“Good morning to you. Wake up and embrace the miracles of this beautiful Sunday morning. May this morning bring you a thousand reasons to smile throughout the day!”


Happy sunday image with bird.


“There is no better time to thank God for all His blessings than a bright Sunday morning! Good morning to you with a lot of good wishes!”


“Sometimes we don’t realize the blessings we have until we no longer have them. Appreciate all the blessings in your life, take none for granted. Have a great Sunday!”


Sunday quote with pink flowers.


“Have a blessed Sunday! May today clear away the rust of the whole week.”


“With faith and courage in your heart, you can fulfill all the wishes you dream of. Enjoy your Sunday!”


Sunday wishes with beautiful background.


“May your week be bright and filled with clarity and serenity. May this Sunday spark the start of success for you. Happy Sunday!”


“Good morning and a very Happy Sunday to you all, my friend. I want you to know what a blessing you are in my life and how much you mean to me.”



Happy Blessed Sunday:


Happy sunday flower basket image.


“This blessing is sent with love and we pray God is protecting you from above.”


“Let God present you Laughter, Happiness, Mercy, and Peace not only on this Sunday but on every day of your life. Happy Sunday dear!”


Sunday good morning tea cup image.


“God bless you! May you never know Disappointment, Sadness, Grief, and Trouble. Be happy! Have a blessed Sunday!”



“May this Sunday be blessed with beautiful smiles and the laughter of family and friends. Have a great Sunday!”


Flower border with Sunday wishes.


“The 4 R’s of Sunday blessings: be Rested, be Restored, be Refreshed, and, be Renewed. Have a wonderful Sunday!”


“Open your heart and your eyes to all that you are blessed with this Sunday, be grateful!”


Sunday blessings pink tulip wallpaper.


“Feel the magic of this Sunday morning and know that you’re blessed because you’re alive to see this beautiful morning! Good morning!”


“I have always seen Sundays as torches that give light to other days of the week. I pray this Sunday gives a bright light that will brighten your path.”


Good morning sunday greeting on pink flowers wallpaper.


“May your praises go up so blessings will come upon you this Sunday.”


“Happy Sunday! May your Sunday be filled with sunshine and blessings!”



Quotes for Sunday:


Happy sunday wish for love.


“Enjoy your Sunday! Have faith in your heart and courage to fulfill all your dreams.”


“All our dreams can come true–if we have the courage to pursue them. Happy Sunday!”


“This might not be your best Sunday, but it’s sure your best day, to live, to hope for better days ahead. Happy Sunday, Friends!”


Sunday blessings on beautiful pink flower frame wallpaper.


“A smile can do a lot of things; it can save a soul, brighten a gloomy heart, and heal a broken spirit. Smile this Sunday morning!”


“Good morning! Surround yourself with positive people, who’ll give you bright emotions and Sunday will be unforgettable!”


“Sunday morning is a wonderful opportunity – to wish, to love, to care, to smile, and to see you in a good mood.”


Sunday blessings blue flower frame image.


“Your smile will give you a positive countenance that will make people feel comfortable around you. Happy Sunday!”


“Never let anyone decide your happiness for you. Have a happy Sunday!”


“Be thankful to God for all the miracles that have happened in your life. Have a wonderful Sunday!”


“I pray God to Bless you, Bless your family, and give you all you wish for today and forever. Have a blessed Sunday dear!”



Quotes for Sunday Morning:


Beautiful vase with sunday quotes.


“Just one small positive thought in this Sunday morning can change your whole day.”


“Do not be discouraged, the lord your God shall fight all your battles for you.”


“May your aims be achieved and your ways be directed by God this week and beyond. Have a beautiful Sunday!”


Happy sunday image.


“God shall bless those who bless his name. Bless God and blessings shall never elude you. Happy Sunday!”


“Your greatest enemy is fear, and you should conquer it before you start the new week. Happy Sunday!”


“May you have a fulfilled Sunday, with enough energy to start up the new week.”


Happy sunday image with blue cup.


“Have faith, all your wishes shall come true. Happy Sunday!”


“Stay happy and enjoy all that life has to offer. Happy Sunday!”


Good morning tea cup wallpaper.


“May all your silent and useful wishes come true today. The louder your amen, the faster this works. The moment you believe the power in the name of God, the more every day of your life becomes memorable. Happy Sunday!”


“On a beautiful Sunday like this, never forget to step out without your smile because it can do a whole lot of magic. Like saving a distressed soul and healing a broken heart. Happy Sunday!”



Beautiful Happy Sunday quotes:


Beautiful Sunrise with Sunday quote.


“Open all the doors of your heart and let the blessings of a new Sunday come in waves. Happy Sunday to you and your family!”


“May the Sunday morning give you the energy to start the week pleasantly. Enjoy the best day of the week. Good morning and wishing you an enjoyable Sunday.”


“May God help you to become successful in your life. May He make every work easier for you, smoothen your path, and always keep you happy. Happy Sunday!”


Happy Sunday image with black coffee.


“Dear Lord, may we utilize this day of renewal – to see all that surrounds us, the gifts and the blessings, the hard work and the happiness that follows. Amen!”


“Happy Sunday Morning! I hope your Sunday morning is filled with joy and love. I pray you have a wonderful day and feel love throughout.”


“Happy Sunday morning! May this Sunday morning grant all your wishes to come true. Have a blessed day!”


Happy sunday image beautiful girl holding flower basket.


“May God keep you safe and make your day blissful! Happy Sunday dear!”


“I wish you a happy Sunday that will give you a bunch of beautiful memories. Happy Sunday!”


Good morning sunday image.


“May this amazing Sunday take away all the tiredness of the hectic week. Be ready for the new week, and do the best you can do. Wishing you a blessed Sunday!”


“Let go of your worries because it’s Sunday. You deserve nothing less than a remarkably joyous day. Wishing you all the best. Happy Sunday, friend!”


Sunday Quotes with Images:


Good Morning sunday beautiful flower frame image.


“Take a deep breath. Be thankful for the life you’ve got. Seek courage from your loved ones and have a wonderful Sunday!”


“I wish you a Sunday morning filled with energy and enthusiasm. Hoping you have a wonderful day ahead of you.”


“We are like a blessing to those who love and believe us as a part of their lives. Happy Sunday!”


Good morning image with alarm clock.


“May your mornings bring joy and your evenings bring peace, May your troubles grow less as your blessings increase. Happy Sunday!”


“Happy Sunday! May your difficult roads lead you to a beautiful destination.”


Beautiful image with Sunday quotes.


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