Genius Minds With Autism

Celebrities with Autism

(Some of the Scientist’s and famous celebrities having significant signs of Autism and most of them admitted it)
  When my kid was diagnosed with autism, as a parent we were shocked. At that time lot’s of questions comes to our minds, we were feeling clueless and helpless. I was unable to stop crying, that time doctor told us please don’t panic so much. Even Einstein was autistic. These kinds of kids have the ability to think beyond our comprehending. They have lots of potential and energy, as compared to normal human beings. I hope your kid will be one of them. Trust in him and help him to overcome social and verbal obstacles. Think creatively, like out of the box ideas. In other words, developing novel ideas and utilizing creative problem solving may come easy to those with autism.
 That day I was surprised by what the doctor said, and I started to find out what is Autism. I found out about many famous peoples and scientists by reading about them, they were successful in their life by conquering lots of challenges of autism or symptom in that spectrum. Because autism is a very big spectrum of many kinds of deficiency.

***Significant signs are most common in autistic children or persons:

(1)  Lack of social interaction.
(2)  Less eye contact.
(3)  Repetitive behaviour or talking sentences.
(4)  Speech delay problem.
(5)  More sensitive to loud noises
(6)  Have unusual interests and behaviours
(7)  Have extreme anxiety and phobias, as well as unusual phobias
(8)  Tremendous capacity of doing those things which they really like to do with full concentration.
  History is full of people who had considered to be or had been somewhere on the autism spectrum.  A person who is listed here probably shows or showed autistic tendencies, according to some studies those cases in which some experts disagree with others. Despite the challenges associated with the identification of autism, this list is meant to be an inspiration for us and our kids.

Albert Einstein   (

 He is the most famous scientist and mathematician in history. Albert Einstein as a child experienced severe speech delays and later echolalia, or the habit of repeating sentences to himself. And of course, there is the fact that Einstein was an incredible scientist. Some studies show that Such characteristics have led him somewhere on the autism spectrum.

TempleGrandin   (1947-present) 


Temple Grandin, Celebrities with Autism

Temple Grandin is an author and Colorado State University professor. She is one of the first individuals on the autism spectrum to document the insights she gained from her personal experience of autism.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart   (1756-1791)

 Mozart was a prolific and influential composer of the Classical period he was allegedly extremely sensitive to loud noises, had a notoriously short attention span, and could fly through a cycle of facial expressions within seconds numerous reports attributing Mozart’s peculiar personality and behaviour to a spectrum of neurobehavioural disorders such as Tourette’s syndrome, autistic disorder, Asperger’s syndrome, attention.

Isaac Newton    (1643-1727)

Isaac Newton had Asperger’s Syndrome or something else on the spectrum researchers, mention in their article evidence that Newton isolated himself as much as possible. He was not good at keeping friends and relied strongly upon routines. Lastly, there are a number of reports that suggest that he was often so focused on his work, that he went for days at a time without eating or sleeping.   

      Jerry Seinfeld  (1954-present)


Jerry Seinfeld, Celebrities with Autism


 Jerry Seinfeld, one of the most popular comedians of all time, has said in multiple interviews that he believes himself to be on the autism spectrum. Though he has never been officially diagnosed by a medical professional, Seinfeld has defended his self-diagnosis by citing various social challenges that he has experienced since childhood, as well as his tendency to think literally. While Seinfeld may consider himself to have Asperger’s Syndrome.

Satoshi Tajiri  (1965-present.) 


Satoshi Tajiri, Celebrities with Autism


 Satoshi Tajiri was in his childhood fascinated by insects and was even nicknamed “Dr Bug” by other children. As an adult, Tajiri turned that interest into the worldwide phenomenon that is “Pokemon” which itself makes him an inspiration to millions of children (and adults!) around the world. But Satoshi Tajiri is also on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum. Though he confirmed that he does indeed have Asperger’s Syndrome,

Susan Boyle.  (1961- present.)


Susan Boyle, Celebrities with Autism


 Susan Magdalene Boyle is a Scottish singer, the 52-year-old has revealed that she was misdiagnosed after complications at birth and has actually had Asperger’s, a high-functioning form of autism.
 All of these great people proved themselves in their field. Done a great job by overcoming the condition of autism. these are few examples. like these great people’s many more celebrates living successful life with autism spectrum disorders.
 I feel that our kids may not become successful like these people’s but if we believe in them, help them, trust in them. Then one day they may be able to live their life independently and they will definitely be capable to fight for their existence in this world without anyone’s support.
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