Lost Childhood


90s kids childhood

 Everyone’s childhood has many sweetest memories of the life of our childhood days. How beautiful it was carefree, not to worry about anything, just to wander around, to play, and to come home and be with mother.
  • “The slight bruise in childhood used to cure or heal quickly by just mother’s gentle blow and the mother used to says that the baby will be fine. No such medicine has been made till date.”
 There were a lot of people who in childhood thought it would be a lot of fun when they grew up, but when they grew up they realized that the real fun was in childhood, just like me. Everyone will say that I have to live my childhood, but today we are going to look at the same childhood thoughts, by reading which you will want to go back to your childhood days which has so many precious and beautiful memories, so let’s go back to our childhood for a while.

Childhood is an amazing, beautiful phase in our life. Everyone remembers it as sweet memories of life. It also called the golden days of life…that we can’t buy again.

90s kids childhood Nostalgia

  In our childhood, we enjoyed outdoor as well as indoor games, with friends and brother-sister. …Went to school without taking much more tension in our minds and much more books in our bags.
In school teachers used to teach us about every aspect of our lives not for only exams. At-home moms used to cook us lovely and tasty food which shows her deep love and care…Our one smile makes her day…Dad was like a friend and guide to us, he taught us how to survive in this world. He was like a backbone to us….and our grandparents were like a friend to us ….through their good night stories that build humanity, kindness, and brilliance in us amazingly.

Nowadays childhood becomes disturbed and destroyed. Only because of our lifestyle. Separation of families, Working parents, Rushing lifestyle. I don’t want to comment on anything, just want to review today’s situation of kids. because no one has much time to attend them. Their interests increased towards mobile, tv, bad habits, etc and today’s exam-oriented education puts them in depression. It’s today’s necessity to earn money, I agree but spend some time with your kids just to understand them. assure them you are with them in any situation in life. assure them that they are worth more than anything in your life. It’s my humble request to all parents to please think about the actual needs of kids from you.

Parents Role:

  Enjoy your parenthood with your kid’s childhood, don’t think about only your responsibilities. Because time is money. You can earn money but not time. Save your kid’s innocence, cuteness allow them to think something innovative, and most importantly listen to them carefully to build their self-confidence. Build your child as a good human being…before building them as engineering, doctor, etc.
  As we all know all parents wish the best for their kids and try their best to provide them with all amenities which they never had, but some times from our busy life schedule we forgot or unable to giving time to them .so please help your child with spending good quality time with them for making wonderful and memorable today and their bright future.
 Thank you😊
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