Happy Birthday Mom

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Birthday Wishes for Mom

  Happy birthday mom: Many people come into our lives. But no one can take the place of our mother. A mother who has done so much for us from before our birth. She loves us with all her heart. Without expecting any return, always pray for our well-being and success. Mother is very important in shaping the character of the child. The mother is the one behind every good or bad character. It all depends upon her how to shape it.
 Everyone knows that mother’s footsteps are paradise. People of almost every religion know this. Mom is the word that every person says for the first time. By celebrating mother’s birthday, we can show our affection and respect for her, that is why we have brought Happy Birthday Quotes for Mother for you. You can make her birthday more special by sending her some sweet Greetings. I have collected/written some beautiful greetings you can share if you like.


Happy Birthday Mom:

  • “Being Mother is the highest paid job in the world since the payment is ‘PURE LOVE’.”Happy Birthday Mom!!”
  •  “Life has given me everything… Now to ask for God… What more could I want than to have you as a mother in every life …”
  •  “Only with mother, we can feel selfless love and great love, enthusiasm and closeness… Happy Birthday, Mother”.
  • “It is said that there is a paradise in Mother’s footsteps. If there is a paradise in the footsteps of Mother’s, then Mother’s heart is the home of God. Never break Mother’s heart. I love you Mom, Happy Birthday.”


Sketch of pregnant lady looking at her baby, Happy birthday Mom.

  • “In this world, everyone’s love for us can change over time but Mother’s love grows more and more day by day  for us.”
  • “It is said that becoming a mother is the second birth of herself. Love you Mom, Happy Birthday!”
  • “There is no better soothing song than lullaby mother used to sing. love you so much Mom, Happy Birthday!!”

Happy Birthday Quotes for Mother:

  •  “A newborn baby is like freshly made clay. It can be moulded as desired by the sculptor. The mother is that sculptor- purely because of her proximity with the child. Every mother always tries hard to turn this clay into a beautiful sculpture.”



  •  “You gave birth to me… You created me as a good human being… There is nothing more important in this world than you. Happy birthday Mother.”
  •   “Only with mother, we can feel selfless love and great love, enthusiasm and closeness… Happy Birthday Mother’s”.
  •  “Everything is available in the world market… but mother’s love cannot be bought for anything.”
  •  “Life’s first friend is Mother, life’s first teacher is Mother, My life is beautiful because of Mother. Thank you, Mom, very very Happy Birthday Mom.”


  • “A mother is a lamp that is constantly burning for us. Every moment to increases positivity in our life.Happy Birthday Mother.”
  •  “Mother is the only person who used to forgives you with a big heart. “
  •  “Everyone in the world will leave you one day .. but a mother will never leave you.”
  •  “Leave anything for the mother… but don’t leave the mother for anyone.”
  • ” mother’ is the only person who knows you from before you were born.”
  •  “Mother’s love towards her child is considered the most unique love.”
  •  “If you want to see the image of God then look at your mother.”
  • “A mother is the only one who can take the place of all others, but whose place can’t be taken by anyone”

Birthday wishes for Mom:


  •  “Mother you are the person who turned our ‘HOUSE’ into ‘SWEET HOME’ with your love and dedication, made our childhood more meaningful and beautiful. Thank you, Happy Birthday Mom.”
  •  “Mom, I want to tell you so much … I want to express my love for you in words … but after seeing you, I just want to be in your arms. Happy Birthday Mom!”
  •  “When I was hurt .. you were feeling the pain in your heart. No matter how wrong I was, you were the only person who used to forgives with a big heart. you are my first friend, my first best friend with whom I share all my secrets. you are my mother… you are my everything… Happy Birthday Mom!”
  • “Get closer to a mother who unselfishly loves you than to find someone who loves you in the world. You will never need anyone. Happy birthday Mom.”


  •  “There is no one who can express the word of mother’s love… No matter how old you are, for mother, you are always little. For her, you are always her baby… Happy  Birthday Mother.”
  • ” The only person who loves you as you are, even if the whole world rejects you. Happy  Birthday Mother”.
  •   “No matter how much you are in trouble, only mother’s prayer has the power to get you out of that problem.”
  • “May God bless her who gave birth to me. Gives me unconditional love, support, everything. Happy Birthday Mom!”
  • “You would never love your mother as much as she loved you!”
  •   “If you have everything but you hurt mother, you are unhappy in spite of everything. So I am never going to hurt you. Let the smile on your face remain the same and let my life have the same meaning. Happy Birthday Mom!”

Happy Birthday Quotes for Mother:

  •  “A mother sacrifice dreams of her own to fulfil the dreams of her children”.


Mother preparing her daughter for school, Happy birthday Mom.



  •  “The peak filled with love is ‘Mother’. The shadow that gives rest is ‘Mother’. The most valuable treasure of our life is’ Mother. ‘Our life is good only because of prayers of ‘Mother”.  “Happy Birthday Mom!”
  •  “There is no word  I have to express that how much I am thankful to you Mom. I just want to say I love you more than anything in this world. Happy Birthday my dearest Mom!”
  •  “Thinking of you who never gives up… No matter how much hard work you have, you never forget to call… No matter how much I get angry with her, she doesn’t get angry with me… So I don’t want to leave you and go anywhere.” I love you Mom, Happy Birthday!”
  • “In this world, no one can have the capacity of forgiveness like Mother for any guilty of her children. But don’t take her granted, and don’t hurt her”.
  • “A mother is the base of the family, so we should keep her happy. She just needs love from you nothing else. “So give her lots of love and respect.”
  • “For every Mother, their first priority is their baby. She struggles for finding every possible way to help her baby to grow up as a good one. “Hats off to you my beautiful, gorgeous, great Mother and very very happy birthday”!
“The way fragrance in a flower !!
 I love my mother like that !!
God bless and keep my mother happy !!
I want this in my prayers !!
Happy Birthday Mom!!”
  • “You taught me every lesson of life, made me a successful person, so don’t pay attention to those who say you are uneducated. Happy  Birthday Mother!”


Three step cake with flowers, Happy birthday Mom.


Birthday Wishes for Mom in hindi:



“अगर मॉऺ ना होती तो क्या होता।
ना हम, तुम होते। ना ये जहां होता।
     Happy Birthday, Mom.”


Mother with her baby, Happy birthday Mom.


“कहते हैं मा के कदमों में जन्नत है।
अगर मां के कदमों में जन्नत है तो,
 मा का दिल खुदा का घर हैं।
मा का दिल कभी मत तोड़ना।”


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